If you are a serious-minded basketball player looking for ways to improve your game, CENTEX ATTACK is for you. We are the official Select Basketball program for The Premier Athletic Complex (The PAC) in Leander.

Our philosophy is to improve players’ individual skills while showing them how they can use those improvements within the framework of team basketball to create more opportunities for themselves and for those around them.

You will learn HOW to play – not just how to run plays. We believe in the power of team and the role of each player within that team. Our coaching staff has a wealth of experience with former and current college players, current and former high school head coaches, and former professional level coaches and players as well.

If you are looking for a team or are just wanting something more with regards to teaching and improvement of your game, email Carmelo Lee. We will inform everyone who signs up one week before their tryout date with final details and payment methods.