How often do we practice and when?


  • Choose the correct boys or girls team to view current or past practice schedules.
  • Please note that we practice two times a week for two hours each practice.
  • We start in April and conclude by Mid July for most teams.
When do we we play Tournaments?
  • Choose the correct boys or girls team to view current or past tournament schedules.
  • Please note that each tournament has 3-5 games depending on the event and the team’s performance.
How much does it cost?
  • $750 – Local team
  • $950 – Regional Team Plus Travel
  • $1150 – National Team Plus Travel
  • Please note that there is monthly installment plan to allow for payment to be spread out over three months.
Who will be my coach and when will I know?
  • Presently, we have some coaches in place and others that are in flex positions depending on the number of kids who try out. We don’t announce final coaching assignments until we can sort through the number of athletes for each grade level after the second tryout.
  • We will announce our coach placements according to the following timeline:
    • February 15 – Youth Coaches
    • March 1 – Middle School Coaches
    • March 15 – HIgh School Coaches
  • There is always a chance that assignments can change after these deadlines, but if there is a change, we will let you know immediately and let you know the reason for the change.
How much do tryouts cost?
  • $30 if you register online.
  • That cost covers all 2-3 tryout sessions – you only have to pay once.
Why are there multiple tryout dates?
  • Allows you to be seen more than once – to help make sure our coaches have as large a sample size as possible to minimize evaluation errors.
  • Allows you to survive a bad day – just come out to a future tryout and show us what you got.
  • Allows you to help invite teammates and friends to future tryouts to help expand the talent pool and allow for the word to spread.
  • Allows you to attend in case you have conflicts and cannot attend an early tryout or in case you find out later.
How do you select teams within the tryout process?
  • 1st Tryout – General approach is to place 4 out of 10 spots for each grade level.
    • This number can fluctuate based on the following:
    • Talent level of the athletes who try out – if we find that the numbers of athletes is lower or we feel like waiting is better, we reserve the right to do so and will communicate that to you.
    • Past history and performance within the organization.
  • 2nd Tryout – Place 6-8 out of 10 spots on each team.
    • We want to secure enough players to ensure that the team will form.
    • We want to allow a few open spots for the last tryout in case there are late arrivals or someone shows out in the last tryout.
    • You will know your team coach by the time we decide to extend offer letters after 2nd tryout.
  • 3rd or Make up Tryout – Place all 10 positions on the team.
    • We will not have more than 10 players on a roster to ensure a chance for development and playing time.
    • We may place less than 10 players if we think there is a natural break with regards to talent level and team positional needs.
    • In the case there are fewer than 10 players on a team, we reserve the right to add players later in the season if we deem them to be a good fit.
How do you place players after tryouts?

At the end of tryouts, you will receive a phone call with one of the following placement levels:

  • Prospect – This means you do not have a guaranteed spot yet, but that you are invited to future tryouts to be evaluated again. More than 60% of prospects have gone on to be placed on teams – so please do not get discouraged by this placement!
  • Local – You are guaranteed a spot on a local team and can move up from that spot over the course of future tryouts.
  • Regional – You are guaranteed a spot on a REGIONAL team and can move up from that spot over the course of future tryouts. If there is more than one regional team at a certain grade level, then we reserve final placement until the final tryout.
  • National – You are guaranteed a spot on a NATIONAL team. If there is more than one National team at a certain grade level, then we reserve final placement until the final tryout.
How do I Secure My Spot if offered?
  • There is a 7-day Commitment Window at the end of each tryout session.
  • If you receive a guaranteed offer (local, regional, national), you must submit a non-refundable commitment deposit of $250 before the Commitment Deadline or else you will lose your guaranteed spot.
  • You will be welcome to continue to attend future tryouts if you want – but you will forfeit your guaranteed spot and will have to be put in the General Pool of applicants again for future tryouts.


  • Saturday or Sunday – Tryouts take place – coaches deliberate and place players.
  • Monday – Coaches Verify Placements.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday – Coaches Call Back.
  • Thursday – Email Payment Links from CTX. Here, you can enroll online and complete your $250 Commitment Deposit.
  • Saturday – Offer letters expire at 11:59 pm.